Logo - Product Design - Package Design


During the minor Entrepreneurship, me and my team had to start a company and create and launch a brand new product that should 'wow' the world. It had to be a not yet excisting product and ofcourse the marketing and branding for this company and product had to be taken care of as well.


We started the company 'Indoors' and launched the amazing 'Fun Cover'. The Fun Cover is a washable, multi functional, educative, recreative, creative and fun table runner. It wil keep children entertained with the many coloring pictures, puzzles and games. The Fun Cover allows children to learn whilst playing, develop their fine motor skills and most of all to have a lot of fun!

I was responsible for everything that had to do with design. I designed the logo, the product (Fun Cover) and the packaging. I used a lot of different colors because the product is about coloring. The product itself is in black and white because the children are supposed to get creative with colors. Every drawing on the Fun Cover has something to do with The Netherlands, so that the children can learn about their own country, whilst having fun! The packaging consists the same colors as the logo and is basically a 'wrap' around the folded Fun Cover. We chose this kind of packaging because we did not want to use any plastic. The Fun Cover itself is also very sustainable since you can keep using it over and over again. Zero waste policy!