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In the final year of my Bachelor of IT, we had to do a massive research about a subject you are most interested in - and would also be useful for the company you were doing your final internship for - and write a thesis about the research and the end results. As a result of this research we had to bring our new knowledge to good use and develop a digital product to showcase what we learned.

In the next item I will tell you all about my research and thesis, but in this item I'm going to take you into the whole process of creating a mobile application based on the research.


I worked with a technical intern that was doing research about which framework would be best to use for mobile applications. We put his technical research together with my usability research and together we created a mobile application for recreative cyclists in the Dutch province North-Brabant, Route 67. It allows you to map out cycling routes based on nodes and points of interest (POIs). I did everything that had to do with understanding our audience and the design of the mobile application.

I started looking for our target group through a target group analysis. I also did a competition analysis to see what other cycling apps have already done so we could learn from that for our own mobile application.

Once the concept of the mobile application and the target group was set I created a prototype. With this prototype I went to people within the target group to take prototype tests and card sorting tests to test the prototype. With the results of these tests I now knew what our customer wanted and how to implement it. From then on I could take the design of the mobile application to the next level. I created a logo and a flowchart of the whole mobile application.

I chose the name 'Route 67' because there are 67 cycling routes in the province North-Brabant. I created the shape of a 'pin' because this app is all about cycling routes and maps. The color green is used because cycling is something you do outside, and in this case out in the nature! And ofcourse it is 'green' to cycle instead of driving a car. In the application I chose some darker green and lighter grey to keep it neat and clean and to make sure the target group is able to read and find everything.