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In the final year of my Bachelor of IT, we had to do a massive research about a subject you are most interested in - and would also be useful for the company you were doing your final internship for - and write a thesis about the research and the end results. As a result of this research we had to bring our new knowledge to good use and develop a digital product to showcase what we learned.

In the previous item I'm going to take you into the whole process of creating a mobile application based on the research, but in this item I will tell you all about my research and thesis.


I majored in 'Media Design' and for me the connection between the human brain and digital products has always been so interesting and important. That is why I chose to write my thesis about how to make the most ideal design choices regarding Usability and UX, within the realization of the UI of digital products for desktop and mobile devices.

I searched for guidelines regarding usability, user experience and accessibility. I searched the users needs and desires and what different types of usability testing we can do to get more insight in the human brain reacting to the digital product. I also did research on how and where to position the most important things on the digital product, depending it being used on desktop, a smartphone or a tablet.

As a result of my research I set up my 'own' guidelines for usability in general, for user experience, and for the usability specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. I also discribe which steps and tests we need to undertake before starting or continue the design process in order to create userfriendly digital products.