Logo - Stickers - Business Cards


van de Loo Asperges is an asparagus farm in a small town in The Netherlands. It was already known amongst most people that they sell asparagus but they wanted to reach an even bigger audience and restaurants to sell their delicious asparagus to. That's why they decided they needed an actual brand, a website, business cards and stickers to put on their packaging.


Because they are very traditional they didn't want anything too modern. I did try to modernize their wishes a little bit so they could see how it looks and then decide whether they like it or not. Because of that reason I created multiple logos to choose from. They were surprised with how good it actually looked! I worked with green, because of the asparagus ofcourse and the whole concept of farming. And I tried to visualize an asparagus in a more abstract way. The client chose the logo they liked the most and with that I created the business cards and stickers.